Old, worn out brake hardware contributes to pad and rotor wear, requiring the need to replace parts sooner. Additionally, it prevents brake systems from operating at optimal levels. Replacing old brake hardware with Carlson Brake Hardware helps to keep brake systems working efficiently by:


Optimizing Brake Performance

Independent tests conclude that replacing brake hardware with new Carlson Brake Hardware, along with pads and rotors – restores braking systems to “like new” for more reliable performance.

Making it Affordable

It takes only a few extra minutes during a pad and rotor replacement, to install new brake hardware – an inexpensive way to ensure the job is complete.


Protecting the Investment

Carlson Brake Hardware clips maintain pad alignment, allowing them to make even contact with the rotors – ultimately reducing the chances of:

  • Irritating brake noise
  • Brake drag
  • Soft pedal feel
  • Uneven brake pad wear


Expertise Matters – Opportunity Exists

Eight out of ten customers buying brakes indicate they would purhase new brake hardware if a professional recommends it; currently, only two out of ten buy new brake hardware.

Learn how easy it is to replace brake hardware