• Two Guys Garage

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  • Two Guys Garage

    “To protect your investment in your new pads you need to always replace all the hardware.”

  • Two Guys Garage

    “All brake hardware kits are not created equal.”

  • Two Guys Garage

    “You want to make sure you do the entire brake job properly.”

  • Two Guys Garage

    “It made a world of difference, just replacing all the hardware.”

  • Two Guys Garage

    “Replacing all these [hardware] components is not hard…”




  • Sam Memmolo

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  • Bobby Likis

    “Carlson quality brake hardware…for smooth, reliable, quiet and efficient brake performance.”

  • Roger Kwapich

    “New hardware can even help reduce brake drag and increase fuel economy.”

  • Russ Evans

    “Carlson Quality Brake Hardware…can also reduce the chances of uneven pad wear and extend the life of your brakes.”

  • Under The Hood

    “Gives you back that factory feel and lack of sound.”

  • Bobby Likis Car Clinic

    “Get to know Carlson Quality Brake Hardware Kits and get the job done right.”

  • Under The Hood

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  • Under The Hood Interview

    “Brake hardware…really is simply an integral part of the proper operation of the entire braking system.”